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Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Sophia Zogopoulos

July’s modality of the month is brought to us by Sophia Zogopoulos. Sophia is a singer-songwriter who stumbled into a Breathwork class only to fall so in love with the practice that she felt called to share it with the world. Her classes in this active meditation create a safe space for participants to focus on releasing suppressed energy and emotions while deepening the connection with oneself. Her training in this Pranayama technique is through David Elliott’s Healer Training Program Levels 1-4



What is breathwork exactly?

Breathwork is an active meditation that allows stagnant energy to move and be released from the physical as well as the emotional body. This Pranayama technique encourages us to deepen the connection with ourselves by doing this specific breathing pattern that can arise sensations, emotions and realizations that may have been blocked prior. It calms the mind and allows thinking to come to a more neutral place which opens us up for any physical as well as emotional sensations. With the mind resting, we are able to tune into any messages alerting us of areas of repressed trauma, injuries, and emotions held in the body. When we do this active breathing, oxygen is being pumped through the blood at a more rapid rate and is reaching the brain, therefore activating the hypothalamus gland, releasing endorphins. 

Do you mind sharing your journey with endo with us?

My story with Endometriosis is a brutal one- as I believe all of ours are. I can remember being 15 years old, a sophomore in high school, and for the first time, my period pain made me vomit. My mother had endometriosis and she recognized the same symptoms in myself as did her doctor. If the first day of my period was on a weekday, I would have to miss school or work. It was disheartening living with an invisible disorder that prevented people from recognizing and understanding how much pain I was in. It brings me so much joy and relief to say that I give credit to Eastern medicine, a plant-based diet and Breathwork meditation for helping with the ongoing healing process. 

How can breathwork help heal and relieve the pain we experience?

The first breath we take in Breathwork is through the mouth, deep into our belly, which for those of us with Endo this is heavily important to create circulation and free up the inflammation, tension and any trauma that may reside in our bodies. My first session of Breathwork allowed me to tune into these areas where I've stored years and years of hidden anger, shame, and sadness. Breathing into those emotions that I had buried deep within caused the most cathartic release I had ever experienced before. It's now been 2 years since I began my journey with Breathwork and each time I feel I am able to tune into what is going on in my body and how I can intuitively continue to heal. 

What should you expect during your first breathwork session and what advice do you have in preparation?

Everyone's experience each time will be different. For your first time, you may experience a few physical as well as emotional sensations. Physically, we're moving energy out of our bodies so your body temperature may vary, your body may get tingly in certain areas, and you may get the infamous lobster claws, which is when your hands can cramp up. All of this is safe and you are welcome to return to your resting breath at any point and jump back in to the breathing when you are ready. 



“I had never done Breathwork meditation before with Sophia and working with her changed my life. Her nurturing energy provides such a safe space to open up yourself to transformations and she helps you get to where you want yourself to be by giving you the tools to heal. Every session with her teaches you something new about your body and what is stored within you.”




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