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Updated: Oct 7, 2019

August’s modality of the month is brought to us by Cindy Luquin. Cindy is a Holistic Menstrual coach. She has spent the last 5 years dedicating herself to learning about menstrual cycles and it all started with her own story. After being on the pill for 6 years followed by ovarian removal surgery she realized she would need to take control of her own health.

A lot of us experience the back and forth of whether or not we want to be on birth control, for various reasons. And more often than not, we are unaware of the effect the pill can have on our bodies. It is a tricky topic to navigate. This newsletter is not to shame anyone who chooses to because we know that some of us experience chronic pain and the pill works for relief.


What is Holistic Menstrual Coaching exactly?

Holistic Menstrual Coaching is one to one guidance to centering your menstrual cycle. This education and coaching is set up for women of color to transform their menstrual cycles from a curse to sacred power. With this education and program we work together on connecting mind, body, spirit for womban healing. We go over cycle charting, herbal healing, and body literacy to create your personalized womb care plan.

I don’t have a regular cycle because of endo, can your coaching help me?

Yes, unfortunately more often than not people who experience endometriosis are told “what’s the point?” I believe this to be a major problem in allopathic medicine. However, it’s even more vital for people that experience irregular cycles like with endometriosis to learn to chart their cycles because it’s part of the endocrine system. Your menstrual cycle is a direct reflection of how your endocrine system is responding to factors you do have control over like nutrition, movement, womb care, mind, body and spirit connection. Understanding how your unique cycle works can help you better care for yourself.

What if I’m on the pill? Is that a problem?

As an educator and practitioner, I often hear how the pill is prescribed to people with endometriosis to lessen pain. I think each person is free to choose what they feel is best for their body at that present moment when they’ve been fully informed. When working with clients transitioning off the pill we make sure to allow 3 months for the synthetic hormones to flush out of the body. It takes 90 days for someone’s body and hormones to recalibrate essentially. An additional 3 months is recommended to chart your natural cycle and implement the holistic menstrual coaching methods. 

Can holistic menstrual coaching help heal and relieve the pain we experience?

These methods have been ones that I have practiced and implemented myself and taught clients as well. It is a mind body spirit connection to hormone healing and tapping into sacred power from the womb. The womb is a space where creativity is initially activated. When we lose touch with that part of ourselves we can store stagnant energy and fear. This is not our fault. We live in a patriarchal system that does nothing to support or center menstrual cycles, wombs, and hormone healing. By caring for ourselves first in this way, we are dismantling patriarchy believe it or not!


“Calling all wombs! Come get woke womb knowledge! I encourage anyone who has any questions or doubts stop by and see her. Her experience has grown so fast and created an awareness of the importance of womb health. Follow her to see what is in store for you!” - -Barbara 



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