How to Salvage Your Sex Life from Endometriosis

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Having intercourse with endometriosis can be very painful. This can really effect our mental health and relationships.

Three years ago, my endo pain had me feeling lost - especially in my body and partnership. I sat with this discomfort for many months, and finally decided to embrace the battle and seek information, community, and support.

So I went solo to an event called Cycles + Sex in L.A. and met Ash + Lauren, the female Founders of Allbodies, a website for sexual health education (basically the sex ed we should've had as teens). They said something that still sticks with me to this day...

"We all come from a uterus so we should all care about them"

I explained to Ash (after she serendipitously found my phone in the bathroom) that I was passionate about managing my endometriosis and connecting with others doing the same.

When she asked me to write an article about endometriosis and painful sex, I jumped on it (no pun intended). You can read the full article here for my tips on relief and communication for deeper intimacy with yourself and your partner.

I'd love to hear from you. Comment below if this helps, or if you have any other tips to share!

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