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Gretchen is California-born and Colorado-raised, returning to her LA roots in 2011. After being surgically diagnosed with endometriosis in 2015 and undergoing additional surgeries in 2017, she decided to take matters into her own hands and embrace an anti-inflammatory lifestyle (Fresh foods, work/life balance, pelvic PT to name a few). After feeling a noticeable difference she became a certified Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to empower other women on their personal journey to wellness. Inspired by the online endo community but incredibly frustrated with a lack of face to face connection in a big city,  she started a local support group on Meetup. After meeting Kailee at one of the circles, they found instant friendship and have been teaming up ever since to provide the same level of support for others.




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Kailee grew up in the PNW finding her way to LA in 2013. After receiving an unofficial diagnosis in 2017 she quickly educated her self and began treating herself holistically-acupuncture, an anti-inflammatory diet & finding her spiritual path. At the time of her original diagnosis she was desperatley looking for support and, by destiny, she found Gretchen. The two quickly joined forces and have managed to continue their self care all the while provide the space to help foster others. Kailee underwent excision surgery in 2020 confirming he endometriosis diagnoses. She strongly believes that realigning her life, in all ways, contributed to her healing in a way that is bigger than her. 


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Valentina is a special light to the team! Growing up Valentina watched her mother move through her own journey with endo. Her own journey began at the age of 12 battling dreadful periodsIt was later in her life, and after altering her yoga practice from the traditional masculine flow to a feminine flow, that she really connected to the idea of listening to your body. Most of her relief has been found within meditation and yoga which is what led her to her professional training. She says the key to her practice and teaching in honoring and forming a relationship with the body, encouraging all her students to allow their body and needs to run the show. Join us each month as she leads us in a guided womb connecting meditation as well as a gentle feminine flow!